Business Mastermind Workshops Manchester

What is a Business Mastermind Workshop?

There are any number of workshops in business for training or events you can put on for your team – or attend for yourself if you’re a sole trader/freelancer, in Manchester and other cities too, or research what is available to send staff on to.

I am currently devising a workshop for uni students in addition to course work for business leadership and management, that will give them the extra edge after their course and moving straight into business.  It’s a different world from education so this could really help them!

Try Eventbrite as a resource to search and buy your tickets there and then, add to your diary and off you go!

teachers-mineLearning is an important part of business and career, and of life so managing your opportunities like this is essential.

People attending my workshops get something from them, and usually more than they expect.    The Business Meet for Motivation Business mastermind group for example focuses you, offers more perspectives and ideas on resolving business problems, and helps motivation and inspiration as well as specific shared expertise.

"Thanks for a great session today Julie, breaking down my problem and troubleshooting solutions has really helped clear my mind and set a way forward for me to take action in my business. I left the meeting feeling motivated with an achievable goal to work on, all the best, John"  Business Meet for Motivation Oct 10th 2016

The other option is to put on workshops for your staff or social group, or your colleagues and peers maybe.

For example, business management includes:

  • Customer Care – being good or great, or downright awful affects your business big time!
  • Improving Sales through influencing and negotiating
  • Wider Marketing than just online
  • Networking skills are important whether you meet people in other departments, other business sectors or multi-agency working
  • Communication is about words, language, method, audience, body language and so much more
  • NLP in business covers personal preferences, tendencies and perception for example
  • Employee management and supervision
  • Team building
  • Leadership and Vision
  1. Starting up a business, starting a new job…
  2. Realigning your business focus or a whole new career direction …
  3. Retiring and creating more fulfilling ‘spare time’…
  4. Promoting people needs particular care and support
  5. Flying your own Flag isn’t boasting or bragging but selling what you can offer!

A little food for thought there maybe?  Things move on, change, develop and grow – wee need to keep up with new ideas and concepts, CPD (continuous personal development) isn’t just for employees and managers but those in small or sole business sectors too!

Education by Stuart Miles