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Workshops & Events

Workshops include:

Sales Acquisition Workshops

Weekly meetings in Central Manchester sharing insights, tips and techniques for marketing to sales plus a Q & A for bespoke ideas for your business.  The focus is on your business, finding new ideas and solutions to problems with practical tools and mind-management techniques for good practice (with Rabona Digital Agency) Tickets via Eventbrite or Services page


GROW your Self-Confidence Courses

Bespoke individual courses for your team members to develop the confidence and assertiveness managers need to influence and benefit themselves, your company and their team too.  Good relationships are built on self-awareness and understanding of others you relate to daily.



AIM High Motivation Talk

Taking your   Aspirations

Adding some Inspiration

and Providing Motivation

We explore and encourage you to achieve your potential, personally develop your Self to achieve success and fulfilment in your life and your work.  Live your dreams!  Live a life you love to live!