Why do we need studies to tell us natural reactions?

Why do we need studies to prove our natural way of being a person, to heal and learn – to grow with awareness and understanding and find natural solutions to our needs and problems? Why have we lost touch with our all powerful Self – mind, body, soul or spirituality if you prefer the term? 

Prompted when I read about this study in particular “Is everything you know about depression wrong?” (the answer is “Yes” in reality for me too)  and the misunderstandings or misleading myths about depression and treatments of what is really a natural healing process from too much ongoing stress instead of the short, sharp natural reaction that will save us from harm!

 This article on studies and research, challenges to the medical model of stress and depression – depression that is naturally a healing process from overload of stress instead of a short burst that helps us escape danger and survive! (not to say there may not be brain problems in some people that chemical medicines  can help …)

It refers to challenges to the medical DSM diagnostic checklists created and now widely utilised but with its limitations and non-context judgements! The article refers to further ‘studies’ into what, as human beings, we should and do naturally know about ourselves! If we only looked and sought, tried to learn and understand – took back control of our Selves and our lives.  

People have lost touch with themselves –  with your Self. Your normal, natural and diverse selves that provide the needs of the community, of society! 

Instead of letting ‘authorities’ like health, business and governments tell you what is right, listen to yourself – to your Self! You, like all plants and animals, were given the necessary tools to survive and keep learning and growing!  

Instincts and Senses

*Stress response to read danger – get away or stand and fight (fight/flight response) to survive and continue procreation and survival of our species)

*To know the truth behind words that many now dismiss and distrust in themselves – body language, eye contact, vocal cues

*Sight, sound, smell, taste and touch all give us necessary clues – and unconsciously we are aware of much more so listen to your body’s reactions and act accordingly!  It’s there for a reason – well four reasons (survival, protection, advantage and development)!

*Personal preferences – we are unique but some characteristics are shared, some are shared amongst the population at birth (learning style, communication style, time keeping and talents for example).


*a powerful mind that works with the universe at an energy level

*personal energy or chi that we can utilise for health and wellbeing (through holistic and alternative treatments) like all other living things to naturally heal or adapt! 

*to connect with others and build strong, secure groups like family or tribes

 Learning and Development

*a powerful , curious mind to enquire and learn, develop ideas and test them, to improve and enhance our environment fir the benefit of all our species, not just a few! 

I know we all have various theories we believe in, we follow and live by –  mine are based on humans with natural ‘powers’ as above, who have powerful minds and ‘personal power’ to learn, to choose, to become – to reach our goals, be our best and feel strong, able and proactive. 

 To overcome and manage problems – practical, experiences that hurt us and able to change what isn’t helpful to our survival and to help us thrive not just survive!! 


  • Changing what and how we eat – five a day fruit and veg one month, the next 7 or 3.
  • Fast food isn’t good for you – but neither are the chemicals that make strawberries grow all year round, or larger vegetables and animals!
  • Vegan or vegetarian
  • Atkins diet or gluten free  …the advice never ends and that’s good for insight and understanding – making choices but not rights and wrongs.  You know what’s best!

Eat what you feel you want, with guidance, and balance it out – fats, proteins, carbohydrates, fruit, veg, meat, fish if that is your human omnivore preference.  Values with non meat meals is sometimes a value choice rather than nutritional but take supplements to get all the vitamins and extras you need for a healthy, care-ful and balance diet.


Learn to believe in yourself and your senses again;  learn to trust your first instinct and act on it.

It is rare that it will create more mistakes than not!   Overriding natural instincts, reactions and emotions is what creates more problems for us because we are fighting our natural behaviours and feelings, our natural needs and purpose too perhaps – our nature!