Who’s your Mother?

blue roseNormally we do not like to think about death.  We would rather think about life.  Why reflect on death?  When you start preparing for death you soon realize  that you must look into your life now… and come to face the truth of your self.  Death is like a mirror in which the true meaning of life is reflected.     ~ Sogyal Rinpoche ~

What would your life reflect?  Hopefully not regrets but likely mistakes – it’s how we learn!  But we also learn about others once we lose them.   
I heard someone this week, coming up to Mother’s Day, how he lost his mum recently and wished all the previous celebration days like this, that he’d spent more time doing anything special with his mum.  And now regrets that he didn’t.
So don’t have regrets!  Have fun, have a life, have choices and memories – and relationships!  Remember people in your life, share with them, make time for them and efforts to be with them.  It ends all to soon …moving away, moving on, losses and chances, or bereavement.
Just spend a short time with your loved ones – family or friends, children and siblings or partners and parents.Just a call, just a chat, just a visit or a small gift to say “You matter” and ‘I acknowledge you, thank you, love you”.I didn’t ‘know’ my mum until after she died, but the poem this inspired for me showed me who I knew she was and how she’d struggled in life.   But as a person?  I would have liked now to know her fears, her passions, her needs and her achievements – things she’d overcome, surprises and excitements, love and losses that I never got to share, or hear about from her.
I make sure my girls get to know me more, although they are busy with their lives I realise, but I know they, too, will have regrets unless I ensure they know me and how I choose to live – as a role model (so hope I’m good enough!) and as a person, not just ‘Mum’ and ‘Mum, can you ….’