Who is your future self?


I love this idea!

Do you look to your future self?  Or have you, like many people, just drifted to where you are?  There must have been some decision making and planning – even if it was forced upon you, and even if it was “I’ll just stay here”.

Something that is happening for me right now – looking to my future self!  Not that I haven’t been doing it all along, for many years now, but at the moment – it’s actually happening and it has real meaning that I have done!

If you don’t invest in your future self – what then?

Young people – our children – need to think about it, too.  I realise now being a life coach that if I had known then what I know now I would have made so many different choices!  I would have made  better decisions and I would have known my path and take those opportunities I let pass me by!

I guess you will feel the same, at least to some extent!

This is your life

So why not start now?  Thinking about your future self!  Deciding where you are going?  I have spoken to clients of all ages who don’t think they need to (but obviously do) and to some young people who actually have more power at 17-25 years old than older, because they have the blank canvas on which to paint a picture of their life!  Here, now, today!

Sure, things will change.  And we can’t see what’s around the corner, but we can (and should) look to what might be there, what options we have and what we could create – starting now!

That’s why I love life coaching so much!  It changed my life, it has given me choices and options, opened my eyes to opportunities and my own personal empowerment to make those choices – and live the life I want to live!

I may never have expected to be here – but I am here!   And now I have knowledge and power to make things happen – for me!  To make  the right choices – for me and mine, that will turn out well because I can see where I’m going!

Happy coaching!  Give me a call to talk about your life!

One question: What would you change today if you could?