Who are you accountable to?

Well, yourself of course!   Really, no one else in your life.

However, you may also have accountability for the payments you receive from your company; accountability for how you are in your relationships; accountability for your success – or lack.  Accountability is not responsibility although related.

You are responsible for your actions, thoughts, behaviours, ideas, choices and decisions, sometime for vulnerable people in your care (family or professionally), and your pets and belongings.

But accountable?   That means at the end of the day – or week, or year – you have to look at your part in what did and didn’t happen, what you could have done better and what you could not have done in some situations.   The books need to balance!

Yet realise that:

  • You will have made mistakes/will make them
  • You will lose someone maybe no matter how well you did – because maybe they didn’t or their needs didn’t include you and your life
  • That you will miss opportunities on occasion – but not for a second or third time!
  • That you will grow, learn, change and develop new ideas, new needs, new perspectives
  • You will feel good and bad at times and go through a gamut of emotions!
  • You might achieve – but not what you planned for or expected, but more or different!
  • You might not achieve it all – but was it right for you really?

Accountable means you have to know your thoughts and behaviours influenced the outcomes, good or bad.  Your mind-set and beliefs, your needs and expectations were met or not – and learn to see early if they are yours or another’s, realistic within your remit and for you Self, or not.

If you take ‘responsibility’ for this and accept accountability, you can and will change things in future.  You will look back and learn from mistakes – do it better next time!

You will reflect and analyse (but only enough, not too much to negatively stress you out!) and you will take that learning forward to ‘next time’ and next opportunity, see your options differently perhaps.

“Inner peace begins the moment you take a deep breath and choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions”

Marc Chernoff