When your career train derails…

NOW I’m back on track!

Change, growth, personal & professional development are not quick, overnight outcomes!  They are ongoing, with short or long term achievements part of that step by manageable step approach to coaching that I take for me and my clients.  


I’m a Taurean,  strong, independent and resilient! Who are you?

This latest professional ‘development’ has taken me three months but I’ve arrived!  I changed somewhat during my travel year out, and that threw me of course for a little time whilst I re-adjusted to different day to day needs and behaviours, found somewhere to live and decide where I want to work in both location and in focus of my coaching business.

That feeling of arrival is euphoric!  Of finding yourself, your purpose and your focus!

It’s a natural ‘high’ that we have all felt at some point in our life, but perhaps for you not recently enough maybe!  Do you want that feeling again?!

I had the answer all along and that is the thing for us all – we have the answers inside us and coaching just draws them out quicker than waiting the years it can sometimes take to get where we want to be.  I know!  And maybe you do too.

For young people, then, the time is NOW to find out where you want to go and decide how you are going to get there.   No more time to wonder and procrastinate!   Take action now.  Take one step nearer TODAY – right now!

Your career may not ‘define you’ as we are often told, but it is a huge part of you.  Indeed, it is often the expression of the you that you are!

If we do something we love as work, and earn from it, it ceases to be hard work and becomes enjoyable – even FUN!  Who loves their work?  You should if you don’t now!  Everyone should love their work – there is never a real need to stay stuck in your rut, or safe in your bubble!  You can expand the bubble, break out and try something new any day you like! (and today would be a good day to do that!)

What’s stopping you doing just that – breaking out into the life you long to live?

Hand up in defence

What is holding you back from being the person you know you can be, that you want to be and yearn to be?

List them now!   Yes, write them down – it makes it real!

Then how can you move from here – to there, steadily, even safely if you like?

You know the answers!  You just don’t know, perhaps, how to access them.

My workshops on career management and change can help you to unlock your potential, your options and your lifelong dreams!

It’s never too late, you know!  Today is just the beginning …


Some pictures courtesy of freedigitalphotos.com