When you don’t know who you are …

It can be quite disconcerting going through life, working with people and socialising when you are not sure who you are!

What I mean by this is that you are unaware of your

  • Strengths
  • Areas to develop
  • Tendencies
  • Personal needs in the hierarchy of living
  • Goals and Dreams
  • Options and Opportunities
  • Skills and natural talents

We need a template at least for our life – where we are going (direction), what we can do (options) and what we are good at or not (skills, talents).  There are also the way we are – the ‘nature’ part of the person – our preferences and tendencies e.g. communication preference, how we process information internally, how we view the world and people in it, and how we make choices, decisions and opportunities!

It is important to a fulfilling life to know some if not all these things.   That way we have some necessary control over our life, and happiness.   We all need control – personal power to create our best environment where we thrive, where we’re happy and content, secure and can build on what we have.

We need to have freedom to choose but making informed choices means effective decisions that will enhance and improve our life, rather than diminish it or even destroy it!

Self reflection and new perspectives!

There are some key points to consider in living our life and these will be covered in a short e-book I will be making available soon, set out as a Template for Better Living that Life and Career Coaching can help you achieve!

But even with the headings it will prompt thinking and consideration and I hope get you on track to a life you want to live, now and in the future with or without coaching with me!   Life coaching is simply and offer, a tool to be used to create that ‘best and most personally favourable environment’ where you will thrive not just survive!

  • Home and Family
  • Work and colleagues
  • Relationships
  • Social and Leisure hours
  • Self-awareness and understanding yourself and therefore others …