What is holding you back from your dream life?

Do you know?

If you do, what are you doing about it – what steps do you have in mind or in hand to change things so you CAN live your dream?

If not, start now to consider this so that you can resolve the barrier(s) and create the steps it will take so you can!

You start with an idea …

That becomes a dream …

Things start to change practically when your mind owns that idea …

Then you add a timescales – and it becomes a goal!  Your Goal!


My friend is about to retire from work.  It has taken a few years for this process to happen but when it turned into a firm goal, it has happened quite quickly for her!   And next week she leaves!  She is even looking forward to it now, having had trepidation and doubt, fear of the future and now, excitement and impatience to start this new phase of her life!

Having seen me travel and live my dream, she has been motivated in part to do more of that herself – to live her dream to travel and make the time to do it!  Her husband already retired is making the most of his time, living many months in Spain and she visits him.  Starting off with her first month ‘on holiday’ there – because she knows that’s how it will feel.

Then, it might hit her she is retired.  That brings a readjustment of mind-set as well as feelings she might not have expected or new activities and behaviours – like staying in bed later, relaxing more and reading more, learning Spanish properly – in the country, with more time to devote and chit chat with neighbours!  And that is another goal she has had and tired to follow through with limited time and head space with a busy, demanding job.

But again, she has made it – or will have done soon enough!

It happens.   But there is an element of CONSCIOUSLY recognising the dream and creating the goal, planning the steps and firming up the timescales and then step by step you get there.

My own restricting in making this conscious action plan was lack of knowledge and awareness, lack of contacts offering me new outlooks and viewpoints – more options that I thought I had and new opportunities I could have been ready for or taken!  And that is where Clear Counselling, then Clear Mind has developed from over the years – providing that opportunity to others by learning from my mistakes!

But I now know your mind is the only thing that holds us back or moves us forward!   You can overcome obstacles when your passion and purpose outweigh your fears; when you recognise them for being just that – an obstacle not a barrier, or a barrier you can break down step by manageable step!

So what holds you back, I repeat again?

  1. Beliefs and expectations? Look for new perspectives, check the grass really is greener, and appreciate what you have right now!
  2. Needs for additional resources? You can build them slowly and steadily, small baby steps at a time, now wait for them!
  3. Just hopes and wishes? change them to dreams and goals right now!
  4. Money or time? Find out what you can do without all of those resources for now and build on that today!
  5. Support and encouragement? Find it within – develop self-reliance, resilience to bounce back, your inner motivation!
  6. Inspiration and motivation? Its all around you and within you!  Find the people, the environment, your inner strengths to harness!


Jump the chasm!  Climb the mountain!  Dig deeper to find the treasure!

Whatever you need to do – you can!

Change your mind and change your life today!