What do you dream about doing?

What is your life dream?  What is the picture in your head, the yearning in your heart?


Mine as you know was travelling the world.  When it happened last year, it was just amazing to live that dream that I’d had for …well, a long time!

We all have life dreams, some have more than one!

Maybe like me it was expanding your horizons.

For others it might be changing career and finding your life purpose. (Ooh, yes, I’ve done that too!)

It could be turning your hobby into a business, or taking your favourite sport to a professional level – a world famous pianist or your own record label.

For someone else, it could be finding a life partner who suits you down to the ground and loves the same things as you, you can ‘get’ each other and be your own true self with – your soul mate if you will!

What about learning a new language – or more than one?

Perhaps taking up a new hobby in music or sports, in creating something hand-made or volunteering your services once you retire?  Making a million pounds a year from 2017, or changing where you live to somewhere hot/warmer /colder/ exciting/ new/different/away from here or there…

People have spent years wondering about becoming a parent, or finding long lost /estranged family members …

Whatever it is that ‘floats your boat’ or ‘turns you on’ it matters!  It really matters to you, I know, but it really matters in the wider scheme of the world too – in the universe!

Closer than yesterday

“Our dreams are given to us for a reason” …we experience life because it’s’ meant to be’ although I’m not so sure about the last one as I’m not a fatalist, I believe we do make our ‘luck’ and make our own choices in life and living that work or don’t work for various reasons.

But back to dreaming – coaching goals are said to be ‘dreams with a timescale’.  I like that phrase.  But is it true?  Are dreams just our goals?  Not always.  A dream is a dream – something fantastical that we would love to achieve, to try and experience for ourselves!  A dream is wonderful in part because it does seem impossible …at least at some point, perhaps when you started to dream about it!   So when was that – when did you start to dream your dream?

It could be that it always has been a part of you, who you are, what you do and why, or it might be that it created an alternative scenario for a difficult or unpleasant time in your life that you would like to be different?

Either way, the timescale comes into effect when you live your life, see options and opportunities, alternatives to how you live now and then start to see that actually, your ‘dream’ could actually be possible …become reality!   How does that sound?  Would that feel great when you could see your mind’s picture out there in front of you?  You bet it would!   It would be awesome, great, fantastic, wonderful, unimaginable (?!), delightful, mind-blowing or exciting to name just a few words that you can associate with your dream to make it ‘real’ for you!

Here, fill in your dream – the picture in your head


Here, fill out some words that describe how you would feel when it happens


Here, write down the steps you’ve already taken towards living your dream tomorrow …


 What is missing?  Someone? Something? What?  Write those down here too!


Now.  What will you be doing next to make your dream come true?

Your future Stuart Miles