Week 3: 30 day Challenge for Change!

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Getting easier perhaps now it’s familiar to change your mind-set in the Challenge for Change – to consciously change your mind and behaviours regularly?  Change isn’t as hard as you think is it?

Week 3

Recognise that you will have made some progress and that’s great!

No matter how slow your pace you are moving forward to meeting your own needs and giving yourself space to consciously make helpful changes! There is no such thing as failure – only the results of your action.   Your learning and development and your step by step growth – to become the person you want to be, living the life you want to live – right now!  You have changed, your thoughts and feelings have changed and your life has changed because of this.

Day 1:

How does it feel to have made progress? Journal entry to remind yourself of your progress in future.

Day 2: 

A huge part of that ‘becoming’ may lie with your profession and work-life.

What needs to change here?  Your environment, your attitude to colleagues, your boundaries perhaps? .

Day 3: 

Identify. Record. Change.

Make a note of this weeks goals and steps.

Day 4:

Change your behaviours which in turn will change your feelings and mind-set about work and people there.

This might take space away from that environment – over the weekend, an evening, time in a new place for work or home (a break).

Day 5:

People. Who is the key person to make changes regarding? Your boss, a colleague, a new department or company?

Set your goals for the coming weeks – one day a week make that change happen! Small steps.  Manageable anxiety.  Great outcomes!

Day 6:

Your environment.  Too noisy, hot, busy, distracting, annoying?

What can you change about it?  Who can help you change it? What will you do to make this happen?

Speak to someone who can help, change your desk orientation, move offices, move company!

Day 7:

Add more steps for next week and keep practicing those new behaviours you’ve started these first two weeks!