We can learn to be more empathic with each other

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This article says we can teach people, but turn that around and empathically I think this will help you to feel more engaged with the prospect of changing yourself and benefitting, and also you remain in control rather than someone else ‘telling you’ what you ‘should’ be doing!

Am I right?

5 Tips to improve empathy in business (and generally I believe)

Why is this then?

What is empathy?

Empathy is something I’ve had to learn as a counsellor, it’s a key part of the training (awareness, understanding, experience) and so it is something I know about – appreciate and promote wherever and however I can!

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It is the key to personal power – relationships – and making things work well for you;

It is the outcome of self-awareness, I believe, in that once you know you have ‘special’ or specific needs and not everyone is the same, then you are more sympathetic to others needs and more atuned to other people and ‘where they are at’ (in relation to you, the world, their world compared to your world etc etc)

So, yes,  it shouldn’t then be a surprise to scientists, governments, leaders, managers, colleagues, me and you that people need to understand and engage positively with each other to make us feel better.

Why do we feel better?

  • We feel heard and listened to
  • We feel understood
  • We feel accepted
  • We feel valued – we feel we matter
  • We feel we have control over ourselves, our lives, our world and our loved ones
  • We feel we have choice and options
  • We can see other opportunities
  • We can be ourselves and be liked, loved and cherished
  • We can engage with others and have our say

We can be validated by all of that – we matter, we are important, we make a difference, an impact, in the world – our world!

Education by Stuart Miles

That is all that empathy is – all being  ‘all it is’ – natural and normal

Or “All that It Is” – all-encompassing  – part of our humanity, ourselves as individuals and as a society or our community; a  necessary and important  part of YOU and ME!