Value your staff with appraisals & personal development

Posted originally on August 16, 2011

From Information Event at Oldham Library May 2011 with The HR Company, Springhead, Oldham

Effective Performance management – whose responsibility?

…for your sake too!  And your businesses well-being…in fact, everyone’s benefit really – Leadership, managers and employees, customers.

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Everyone is involved int he process and everyone is a stakeholder in the outcome of the processes, so everyone needs to understand their own and others tasks and needs in this.

This was the objective of our presentation at Oldham Library on Friday, 13th May 2011, was – to highlight the benefits of performance management being effective in achieving it’s aims – to positively and proactively maintain and develop happy, productive staff who ultimately have responsibility for producing the organisations aims, whether that is financial profit or other profitability (for example, third sector although again, there’s is also income if not profit for shareholders per se).

Amanda Longden of The HR Company, and myself, Julie Crowley of Clear Mind Coaching & Counselling (in conjunction with CAOS cic), presented an overview of performance management benefits for the employer and from the employee point of view, too.

When you deal with people, there are always two sides to every story, event or process and this is no exception!

Understand each other’s needs means you can be more effective when setting up policies and procedures; it means you can cover all bases and ensure that all necessary aspects are

The benefits overall include:

Productive staff because they are happy, fulfilled and loyal

Effective financial management – Good company image – Good customer care                       = Profitability!

If you would like more information on how our organisations can help you better understand your performance management needs or work more effectively with your staff, please don’t hesitate to contact us