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Words collaboration A ‘word cloud’ becoming popular on the internet

Americanisms and Brisishisms by Owl Marketing ….Sept 2012

If you like words, as I do and the Owl ladies do, then this might interest you.

The right word for the right meaning is so important too, for general communication – in any language!

Do you know that Inuits (Eskimo people) have more than a hundred words for different types of snow, because that is what is important in their lives, their culture?

Colours have different shades and different names too.

Kind words

Words are powerful.  Hitler burned books to stop the general population for learning and therfore gaining power over his troops!   Some cultures stop women learning;  goverments make learning hard to do sometimes, or at least more than basics.  Why?

This is how powerful words can be!   But only in the right context, for the right meaning and the correct pronunciation (re American v English is just one).

Have the last word, have the right word!
Communication depends on this – send and receive the correct message and reduce irritations, relationship and marriage breakdowns, and misunderstandings that cause pain and troubles!