Transferable Skills for Business

We’ve heard of ‘transferable skills’ as we build and develop our career.  But do you know what yours are, and how they do actually transfer from one role to another?   It isn’t just between similar roles that these learned skills – and experience – can be transferred across to be of great use in future projects.

You can use many skills in a new role or in self-employment, freelance business building and business generally, especially if you are changing course for some reason.


What do you need to run a business?

*Ideas – creativity

*Confidence – to try it and start up

*Organisation skills – or an idea of what needs organising and maybe get someone in!

*Planning – this is key from your business plan idea to formal hard copy Business Plan including marketing options, sales process, customer profiles, resources and skills you have as a business person and the practical resources you have gathered up

*Emotional intelligence – managers often don’t seem to have this, but they need it and probably do have (or at least have just forgotten how to use it!).  Understanding, tolerance, empathy and compassion are needed in any workplace and business is no exception – more so with customers and employees you depend on to make your business work for you

*Managerial skills for staff, resources, opportunities, time and money of course

*Budgeting skills – from home to work and vice versa, you manage money somehow, somewhere (how well is for you to learn and decide!)


*Problem solving – trouble shooting if you will, as things crop up unexpectedly and sometimes you have to know the right people, process or be creative with it

*Responsibility and accountability – for HMRC, for customer care, for employees actions and for your own.  For the outcome of the business venture, for the wage you receive, for the image of your company …etc etc etc

*Team builder and member – even sole traders have to work as a team sometimes, with printers, designers, accountants, neighbours, networking, contact, service providers and family members too

*Open minded – new ideas, options and opportunities, people and places

*Flexibility and adaptability – moving around, seeing customers, taking and making calls, dealing with emergencies

*Appreciation and recognition – a great client, a useful tip, help and advice, employee commitment and your own achievements and rewards too!

*Motivator – yourself and others to do what needs to be done

*Inspirational –  for your customers and staff, your family and yourself most of all

*Listening skills – what your customer wants and needs, what your team need and want from you and the job, and what the market is like ‘out there’

*Trust – nothing can happen if you can’t learn to trust people to do the job right; service providers to deliver on time and correctly; staff to arrive and leave on time; timely events and interventions and more

*Articulate – communication skills are essential!   Talking, walking, body language and non-verbal awareness, eye contact, word smith, manage your own attitude, tone of voice.  We are constantly communicating and one skill is to remember that!

*Memory – remember where your appointment is and when, who your contacts are, names of employees and family members, what you ordered for when and why, customers and providers, networking contacts and places you visit regularly

*Analyse what is working and what is not.

*Decision making – when to move and when to stay, what to do, who should do it

Wisdom Stuart Miles

*Financial awareness if not the details, but an overview and understanding of business accounts

*Equipment management, maintenance and mechanical skills – fixing items, finding a expert, knowing when to buy and sell for example

These are just some and you can likely add a few more – that you have or need, and that can help as a reminder to check and update your skill-set.

Sometimes you need to remember to add it to your CV (you should keep one updated and handy because it’s a reminder how far you’ve come and by what route), and also good to add to your Business Plan for professional needs.   It’s a chance to celebrate the many and varied achievements and steps taken by you so far but also as a demo for your children and others what can be achieved with dedication and self-belief …