Timing is everything!

Yes it is!   You can plan, organise and co-ordinate your project or you life – but if something knocks the timing out it can throw it all of course!   Or bring it about too quickly for comfort maybe.

My favourite saying has been “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail” and I live by that – naturally, even before I counselled and coached!  It was the bane of my children’s school and college lives, although it seems to have paid off now and I am proud of their planning skills and organisation without losing their creativity or natural tendencies to be spontaneous or jump in (something I have always struggled with).


But back to timing – the right blog post can come at a timely moment, giving you the idea, solution or encouragement you needed.    Just missing the car coming fast around the corner is great timing, isn’t it? And getting to hospital in the nick of time for baby to arrive – well, what a relief that is!

Yes, timing is everything – or a lot of the time spent planning aims for that.  Scheduled meetings, the to do list for the day, the project plan for the month,  the venue bookings and holiday planners all help towards timing and good time management. 

I have been planning a ‘project’ for one to two years now – and it’s arrived faster than I am ready for!   But I know because of my day to day gentle planning and research efforts, I can make the time work for me.   It may be uncomfortable timing now it’s here, but it can work and I am ready!  How often do you feel like that?  For work deadlines, retirement, holidays or family events.

Robin rusher

If you don’t, and seem to be flapping at the last minute, or not getting done what needs doing, then you can learn a few key techniques that work for you.

Step by managable step…

  • Maybe it’s writing down your To Do list and monitoring it through the day, then tidying it up at work end for the next day.
  • Maybe it’s using a hard back diary rather than rely on your phone to remind you of meetings and appointments!
  • It could be getting up 15 minutes earlier than you normally do and having time to think about all you need to take with you, or just relaxing a few seconds more over eating breakfast or walking not running for the bus!
  • Perhaps you want to try setting appointments or arrangements half an hour later than you normally would, giving you breathing space to get there, overcome unexpected problems and navigate traffic jams.    NLP suggests we are either ‘on time’ or act ‘in time’ the latter being engrossed in the moment regardless of appointments and plans previously arranged.   It’s who we are, or not.  No right or wrong.

Know your preferences like the one above, and your ‘issues’ on time, planning, find new techniques, tools and tips that can help you.  Only two or three small changes can literally change your life – for the better!

The other side of this coin is being so anally organised you make other’s lives a misery!   Opposites irritate and grate not attract in this scenario.  I remember once going on a day trip to the seaside with my young children and partner.   I took ages to prepare – clothes and supplies for all weathers literally with wellies, brolly and kagoules, cardigans and jeans for over T-shirts and shorts, and suncream just in case.  How organised was that (or just dysfunctional maybe?)

TIme for reflection Stuart Miles

But with a family, you do have to think ahead, plan and manage a variety of needs and alternatives with people, ages and needs as well as keeping everyone happy no matter what!

Juggling home and work priorities too, family and bosses, travel and collection or drop off times can be a nightmare or a military operation!  Fun … or not so much.   Stressful … or easy going and well timed.