Things you can do with the extra hour!

…instead of sleeping in on Sunday 26th October when Daylight saving comes in early morning!

Time for change clock Vuono

Here are 26 things you can do in an hour that will help you feel happier, healthier and progress your own personal development!

  1.  Read a magazine and learn something about a particular topic or general focus in the community e.g. women’s magazines, crafting, music, cars or home improvements
  2.  Read a newspaper and catch up on news and reviews in your area or nationally and globally (including Twitter links to newspapers like me!)
  3.  Learn something new about you! A little self assessment, look forward to your goals for the next year, acknowledge something that came up for you this week – good or bad – and learn from it for next time (or avoiding a next time!)
  4.  Talk to someone you normally don’t spend an hour with – family, friends, phone call, Skype, neighbour or debating society perhaps
  5.  You know that thing you keep meaning to do? Do it!
  6.  Coloured book stepsWrite some more of your book, write a letter to someone, write in your journal, write a journaling letter and get rid of some of the internal frustrations and stress that are holding you back! *NB you don’t HAVE to send it but it really helps to get it out of you and into the universe even if no one reads it. You can destroy it later when you’ve gone back and revised it too!
  7.  Share an interesting breakfast as a treat for you and someone you are with! Something different, cook for them, they cook for you – talk, discuss, share information, smile at each other, plan your day
  8.  Plan the coming week or month – work, home, fun, tasks, events, outfits, challenges, research, etc etc etc
  9.  Stay in bed – but think, cuddle, share and talk but don’t just sleep (unless you really need it for a specific reason e.g. night work, babies keeping you up, bereavement) but make it productive!
  10.  Do something today about your depression. Walk, Talk, Decide, Move.
  11.  Identify your stressors and decide on just one step that you can take from today or tomorrow at work that will reduce your stress!
  12.  Read my blog posts!
  13. Read someone else’s blogs e.g. – something for everyone here!
  14.  Sit down, do nothing, and enjoy being with your own thoughts (and a tea, coffee or water!). Sit down comfortably, relax your shoulders, legs and head – close your eyes and let thoughts drift in and out without analysing them, deciding on them, worrying about them or anything else with them!
  15.  Learn a relaxation technique: Focus on your body parts to help you relax
  16. Couple dancing PhotostockDance! Turn on the music, dance so it makes you feel good – alone, with your cat, your baby or child, your partner, or a friend! But do it.  Turn up the radio, put on a CD or just move!  It’s fun, exercise and makes you laugh as well as feel great!
  17. Sing! Along with the radio, the CD in the care, or remember your favourite song or a nursery rhyme with the kids – but sing!
  18. Smile! For a whole hour!
  19. Stroke your pet – animals have a way of relaxing us when we stroke them. They can calm you, love you, wake you or demand of you. But stroking them helps them and you feel connected, care for and cherished!  That can’t be bad!
  20.  Create something new! A tune, a card, a crafted item, a dish you’re cooking, a child’s game, a life maybe! Even a thought, a goal or a poem too!
  21.  Draw – even if you don’t think you’re good at it, do it anyway! Doodle, sketch, draw circles or squares, make them different sizes and colours, make them into perspectives, join them up somehow or draw a scene. It really is fun to do (and distracting, relaxing and creativity feels great!)
  22.  Cook something – for breakfast, dinner or lunch – and use the extra hour to make it something more special than usual!
  23.  Eat, drink and be merry! Enjoy and savour your food and drink over breakfast, lunch and dinner too! Encourage others to as well – children, babies, older people or those maybe with dementia!  And especially you!traveller mag
  24.  Plan a trip whether or not you can or will take it! Just plan it in your head, get it down on paper, or research it on the computer – just for fun!
  25.  Call up a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. Say hello, catch up, arrange to meet.
  26.  Make up your own hour long activity! And do it later today if not right here, right now! Or later in the week, or next month – or regularly if its fun and enjoyable!

Remember the extra hour is ANY hour all day Sunday!  So use it well!

 What a useful hour this could be for you and me!

Be happy, be well, be you!   24 hours a day, 7 days a week!