The Law of Attraction is real – here’s how

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Ask Believe ReceiveDoes it make you feel like that?

If so, do you know why?

If not, have you learned how to embrace it and use it to meet your needs then?

The law of attraction made me hate myself – why?

This is so true – self loathing, guilt, failure are all things that come from unrealisticexpectations and beliefs.

The books mentioned-  and the idea of the Law of Attraction – is that we are ‘responsible’ for outcomes in our life but infers or suggests that we are to blame for problems in our own lives when things don’t go well or right for us (and presumably our children and others dependent on us then?).

Not in reality though!

Yes, as a life coach I believe that we can have what we want in life, and that our attitude influences those outcomes and effects.

Thoughts-Feelings-Behaviours diagram

But not magically – because our beliefs (thoughts) affect our feelings (emotions) which affect our behaviour (actions) – change one and you will change them all in this cycle which is the basis of coaching.


  •  Loneliness, no friends, no social life
  •  No one invites you out because they think you are shy, prefer to stay home, sit quietly
  • so don’t draw you in so as not embarrass you or make you uncomfortable;
  • they don’t invite you for meals which might challenge your weight issues

So the Law of Attraction – inviting things and people, opportunities and choices, into your life – into your experience – is actually the law of self belief perhaps!

It’s about opening yourself up to those experiences and seeing those opportunities as just that; being aware of your ‘personal power’ in managing your life and changing things you don’t like.

It’s about taking control of your life – making choices (and mistakes), watching for opportunities and being in a  position to act on them and say yes to them (resources in place) and have the confidence to try new things, anything and being open to experiences (good and bad!) – and live the life you want to live!