The journey to your hearts desire!

In coaching there is the belief you don’t need to ‘see the whole staircase before taking the first step’ and this is true – some self-awareness though is necessary to even set off, in the right or wrong direction!   Its key to know some things about yourself at any and every stage of your life so you can choose and choose well.

  1. What you love to do – your passion, your talents, your dreams!
  2. Natural skills and preferences in style and focus (see NLP)
  3. The real reasons you want or don’t want to do something/be the person you’re developing into
  4. What your limits are- we can’t do it all, be the best at everything yet we can more easily manage anything that holds us back to move us forward at least a step!
  5. What your values, beliefs, needs and expectations are – deep and meaningful not he shallow wants and desires of the newest phone or latest fashion
  6. Who you are now and who you ideally want to become – then you can take the steps daily to get you there, step by manageable step

Communication is key as it moves you to where you want to be – influencing people you meet, yourself with your internal self-talk and how you perceive and respond to what is said to you, about you and within you!

Empathy and Emotional Intelligence will also help you to achieve your goals, your dreams, your hopes and wishes today and in future!  Understanding yourself more means you will naturally understand others too – their different beliefs and reasons, their needs versus yours, and develop greater tolerance for other people’s needs and preferences when you acknowledge yours.

Relationships make the world go round, not money.  That’s just a tool to get you what you want and be where you want to be, not an end but a means to an end!

Complex, fun, heart-wrenching and uncertain, relationships are never simple!   Personal or professional, desired or necessary, people need pe0ple to get their needs met from food and shelter, to safety and status building, right to the peak performance and flow of self-actualising who you could be – who you are meant to be!

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