The Confidence Course

What you will learn on the confidence course

·    Understand why you feel as you do

·    What you can do to change that

·    Tools and techniques you can use for sharing publicly

·    Understanding etiquette and pitfalls so you feel more comfortable

·    Practice speaking up and speaking out in a safe environment with like-minded people

You may feel judged or have previously been told you’re ‘wrong’ in some way and now believe it when it isn’t true!

You may feel inadequate in speaking out – do you know your stuff, are your ideas valid and what do other people think about you?  It doesn’t matter!  You are you and they are them!  You are both valid and relevant, have your ideas from different perspectives and experiences and sharing that is valuable!

Sometimes, in business especially, you have to ‘do and say the right thing’ – but if you are uncertain what that is and why, then you will feel uncertain and insecure in the group whether that be a meeting, networking, training or speaking in public and presenting!

The one thing about presenting is that no-one knows what you know or they wouldn’t be there to speak with you, and they don’t know what you are going to say so you can’t get it wrong!

Being you is important for you and for the other people around you.  We all have something to give, something valuable to share and learn from each other.  Not everyone will feel like this or that you have something to teach them, but you do – even if that is respectful discussions, helpful conversation and how to make others feel more comfortable in their presence! 

That is a skill and it starts with you helping someone else – focus outwards on to them, and help them be comfortable and heard, rather than inwards on whether you have value in the room!  You do, you will have by being yourself!