Take the scary steps toward your dreams too!

Our thoughts shape our feelings and our feelings create action (taking steps forward) or inaction (fear).   Take of your thoughts then and find reassurances, encouragement and motivation wherever you can, especially when you need it.  So look anyway so when you need it, you can go and find it – keep your eyes and ears open, your heart open to new ideas and take the steps you need to to live your dreams!   Especially the scary steps!

 Steps to motivation

Our present way of being is influenced by how we think today, which has been shaped by the ups and downs of our life – experiences, beliefs, expectations, needs and values.    Explore these as you wander through life, make specific efforts to find out about yourself and the reasons why – this gives you the (personal) power to make things happen, or make changes to get you where you want to be!

Lightbulb man by Master

Only knowing what you think now and why can you change the thoughts to what they ought to be if you are to dream your dreams, walk your path and live your life they way only you know it can be!