When I was born we didn’t have much as a family other than it being a caring, loving family, but we’ve proved that was enough…

With support, we can achieve our dreams, or near enough maybe.

Now, as an adult, I know what they did give me was myself, options, ideas and support (albeit passive support because they knew no other way perhaps).

I have given active support to my daughters, real solid encouragement, honesty, support when required and hope for a future that they want and will find.So what did the Rolls Royce represent for me then (and now)

Seedling inhandA helping hand, a kind word, encouragement and praise all help to build self-esteem by offering support and motivation to those around us -family, friends, colleagues.  Children without this really do get held back and don’t really recover to live a fulfilled and happy life …

Adults need support and guidance too though

In coaching, we look at our support networks, and if necessary, develop more in areas where there are gaps.  The template here can be used to look at yours, and an exercise I have done regularly over the years….


Reflect on what support you have, from whom and when (even why…) and if there are gaps, then think about filling them.  Just think about it, plan to do it and you will be ready to take the opportunities when they arise!