Stress for Success – or fallout

Stress is really good for you!

It is the drive you need to get things done, keep moving forward, achieve and enjoy your life!

It’s the ‘adrenalin rush’ for excitement and exhilaration!

Until it gets too much of your body to cope with.  Then your (unconscious) mind steps in and does it job of defence and survival!

It STOPS you in your tracks.  It changes your mind and your bodily reactions.  That is scary when you ‘don’t know where it comes from’ because it’s an unconscious, unchosen reaction!

But at the end of the day we are just animals with basic natural survival instincts and this is a key one!

Meant to save you from a sabre tooth tiger attacking or nowadays a runaway car careering towards you, it is also a response to bills you can’t pay, unmanageable workloads and unrealistic targets, too may pressures and demands from all corners of your life!

But for SUCCESS …

Surviving the onslaught of demands – put boundaries in place

Unconscious reactions become conscious decisions and behaviours at some point

Coping mechanisms like getting on with urgent things for a day, but time out asap!

Coming to terms with unwanted or unexpected changes and problems

Expectations need to be managed realistically

Speak up for your Self and your needs, to get them met

Success is yours if you remain in control with awareness, understanding and action/accountability