Sports & Psychology

Many people are more familiar with sports coaching than business coaching – which in turn is more familiar to many in business than personal coaching for career development, for middle managers, whilst Personal Development coaching covers everything about you!

Sports coaching focuses on achieving new goals – longer distance, better times, improving resilience, keeping fit enough – and we know people achieve those goals!

Why not set your goals and realise that you mind will only work positively to get you there?

Below is an article from a Bolton sports therapist on mind-set and feelings – “we will only achieve when we feel like we can” – explaining the mind set creating the feelings that motivate sportspeople to reach their potential and their goals. Your beliefs and expectations mix with your natural drive to achieve and do your best – to be better than you were yesterday which involves learning new ways of being and doing.

Team this sports mind-set and goals with a coach who inspires you, encourages you and drives you (from outside yourself), who identifies your motivating factors – and you can’t lose!  That works for you too!

Personal or professional problems can interfere with our natural tendency to strive to achieve and grow, distracting the mind onto the problem to be resolved or managed as a survival mind-set rather than focusing on the drive forward to create a better personal environment to live in.  That is what work is – a means to an end, not an end in itself – or at least it used to be!

So many people now define themselves from their business role, their job role.   It is just a part of you – a means to an end, and we work at it so many hours a day (often for someone else’s profits) that we lose sight of our own needs, our own goals!

But in order to be happy – and that relates to how well you work  when things are flowing well in your life, no distractions, plans and systems working effectively (getting child to school, work on time via traffic flow, enough work to challenge but not overwhelm you in your working day etc) – you are productive and effective!

We want to naturally learn new and better ways of doing things, for ourselves and our needs but also to help others too. We are inventive and creative (people in poor Asian countries, with few resources but their inventive thinking to solve their problems!) and consistently try to resolve problems and threats that come our way, even when they are gone because your mind wants to keep learning better ways to be, to help ‘you’ to live (body, mind, soul protector and guide).

We don’t have the need in many cases to be inventive like them as we expect that shops or internet sources will be able to supply what we need – for a price.  If you don’t have money or shops you have to solve problems other ways.  Children playing outside will create ‘a castle’ from sticks and stones, we find new routes to work when traffic is at a standstill, or create a new process when one isn’t working at home.   When you don’t have simple resources like that you look for others… outside yourself and within.   It’s all there – but  you have to find it!


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