Sharing Support!

Being a Life Coach, I offer support to my clients, and any other people who want it too – relatives, friends, acquaintances, someone who is just struggling that I come across and I might be able to help.

That’s just human nature at it’s best.    And sometimes that support is returned.    “Do good and it will come back to you” is something I see all over the web, social media and memes but don’t always believe.    But sometimes, when it does it is very welcome!

One life

Even as a coach or counsellor, we too struggle with life events, unforeseen hiccups or losses and whilst we have knowledge and tools to help others we can also use on ourselves, outside support is welcome and, I believe, essential!   Sharing thoughts, feelings, ideas and learning from other’s perspectives is at the heart of my career, my work.

This week I have had that and it has been good.   I can go out and find it but it came back through someone I shared my support with, and it makes me happy to feel that returned at an anxious time for me starting again back in England after a year out and some risks, albeit calculated risks, this last year or two!

But now I have returned, renewed in energy and  outlook, I am stronger for those changes – they were very much necessary for me, my well-being and personal development – and I don’t regret any of it.     One business contact I met recently said “you wouldn’t advocate that though would you?” regarding my lack of permanent home, security and uncertainty for now – and I said, yes, why not?


Because sometimes, some people, at some times, need such drastic changes – sometimes they are thrust upon them (on us) and sometimes we pursue them.   For me a little of both.   But either way, the anxiety was expected but I had hoped it would be faster to settle and move on that it is being; but that too is OK.  It’s “where I’m meant to be…” so the quotes say!  Maybe, but it feels right.   I now trust my feelings, my intuition, of what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ for me, at this point and that was something I lost (and could lose again unless I guard against it!)