Sharing Experiences

This has two sides to the coin – sharing ‘an experience’ (event, moment, period in time or incident)  doesn’t mean you share ‘the experience’ – the subjective, personal feelings, thoughts, emotions, beliefs and expectations that whoever else was involved might feel too.    It is all yours!  A unique, individual and highly personal experience just for you.

The other side of the coin about sharing experiences is to talk about them, ask about them, listen and learn from other people’s experiences of events, incidents, beliefs and values perhaps.

Why learn the hard way when you can learn without cost from someone who’s been there and done it, and learned from it?  (Something I should do more of really myself maybe!)

Wisdom Stuart Miles


Wisdom is using the knowledge you have (taken from engaging with other people and the world around us) and using it to best effect in different ways.

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Sharing is a human/animal drive – to belong, be part of, share burdens and benefits with others in your ‘tribe’ (read: community, society, group of friends, family etc) and when it’s missing from your life it causes upset, depression, loneliness and even fear because you lack the protection of the group.

Sharing what you know and understand, your skills and talents, and your wisdom too helps others, creates the bonds and build the networks that can help you – and me, and others – in living our lives effectively, care-fully and happily!
Social networking isn’t all online you know!   Only these days.  Once upon a time it was meeting people, ringing them rather than text or em-mail, speaking to someone in the street, on the bus, at work.

In business, networking is now key to building business contacts and customers:

  • It creates bonds of mutual helpfulness
  • It is extended marketing for others if you know their service can help someone else
  • It is marketing for you by others who refer you to people they know and want your product or service
  • It helps if you know someone who can give you advice
  • Networking showcases you to the world and customers
  • It helps you meet people who can benefit you in partnerships maybe

and more…

Social networkingWe will all benefit from being more conscious – more mindful – of doing this every day, all day…

So in life, networking is about interacting with people you meet – at a meeting or on training, at the water cooler or kitchen, in the playgroup or school yard, at the bar in the pub, or the next table in a restaurant maybe.  The workman who comes to do a job for you and who might benefit from your contacts or word of mouth referrals, and he might give you a better job for the money or a discount maybe if you use him a lot.

You just never know who you meet, how they can help you and you can help them, and what future benefits there are because of that meeting.