Setting Boundaries and Benefits

So many people these days appear to be taking on – being given – more than one job to do at work, as well as their home-life roles and responsibilities – and wondering why they are stressed!  They do believe they have always been able to cope with whatever is thrown at them – and when it hits hard, realise – only when pointed out though – that there is a limit to their capacity to do and cope with responsibilities – with pressures!

So how do I help them to better manage going forward?  Not just months down the line when over depression (the outcome of ongoing stress, 24/7 for months or years) but tomorrow and next week, managing daily life from here on out?

Step 1:  Recognise the problem i.e. too much work for one person realistically!

Step 2: Decide you want to change the situation i.e. reduce your stress, find your mind, develop real work-home balance

Step 3: Explore different options and perspectives i.e. family, friends, professional coach, internet research, your boss!

Step 4: Identify the changes that NEED to be made to get back on track, sooner and later!

Step 5: Make small changes one by one, day by day – hour by hour too

Step 6: Monitor the changes and the impact on you and your life, your family and your work performance potentially too but certainly your happiness

Step 7: Maintain the momentum of change and development in new techniques, new perspective and new-found determination to help yourself

Step 8: Make the changes!  Hand back the monkeys; put in boundaries; learn to say no; acknowledge your achievements

Step 9: Embrace your new-found personal power to manage your environment positively and helpfully – for you, loved ones, employer

Step 10: Stay on track going forward – monthly reviews, explaining your moves, realising your needs, taking control of your life and options