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Career Management

Your career is a major part of your life so it needs careful attention!

As you spend a good chunk of your day there – at the office, in the field, in the shop or travelling the country, even the world – then you might as well enjoy it!

Make sure you haven’t just ‘settled’ for what was easy to get into, or what your parents wanted ‘for you’ or they never had, so want to help you to overcome their loss or feel more secure than they did (I wont use the word failure, because mistakes just mean you’ve learned).

It’s important to research, ask around and  listen to parental advice or from family and friends, but you don’t necessarily have to act on it specifically, just think on it and add to your own ‘advice bank’ to love the work you do!

Ask yourself: 

  • What turns you on?
  • What raises you to your peak?
  • What is holding you back from doing what you would enjoy every day, even on Mondays?
  • Who can help you decide, to get those opportunities?
  • How will you approach it and achieve it – the steps onwards and upwards?
  • What motivates you – why do you do what you do or want to do?
  • Maybe you’re organised, analytical, creative, active? 
  • Are you into music, finance, people, tech industries?
  • What natural preferences and tendencies do you have?

Often this is what you enjoy to do in your ‘spare time’, and what you naturally do almost without thinking – when you feel ‘in flow’, engrossed and fulfilled when you’ve completed a session on it!

If these are the things that ‘turn you on’ – motivate, inspire and excite you – then maybe that’s where you should start looking!


“If you love what you do, you never work another day in your life!”


Then there is the elusive work-life balance which seems, these days, to be harder and harder to manage!  Yet we should make this a priority, with family and friends, socialising and fun, more important than a huge salary perhaps.   There is so much going on with technology and apps, constant contact, viewing and reminders you can’t turn off – unless you choose to and act on that.

“Whilst you are making a living, don’t forget to build a life”

Like all development, it is about changing behaviours for better, more helpful ones, and creating positive habits so you don’t have to constantly think about things.  There are blog posts with tips and insights to help you, especially with NLP mind-management tools.


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