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Professional Development

Professional Development is also about you as a person – at work, whether that be employed or self-employed.  You can’t separate your work from your life, although your boss might like you to!

Career Management  – you work to your company’s brand and values

Self-Employment – your are your business brand and image, holding the same values

Your mind manages all of you, all your relationships and all your options and opportunities.  So you are not ‘whole’ without your professional development too.

Professional Development has similar aspects that you can consider and change if you wish to – if you think you need to.

  • Relationships at work or in business – colleagues, management, customers, stakeholders, peers, work-life balance.  Being assertive with your workload management versus demands from leadership, or with colleagues who hamper your efforts to achieve deadlines, maybe you need to let go and delegate or let others find their own way around the office!


  • Communication skills – different again, home and work will be more casual and comfortable than planned and professional yet equally, both need to be influential to make sure you can and do meet your needs and get your message across – as well as hear other people’s messages to you!


  • Confidence for public speaking or presenting – meetings, networking for business, and one to one too are essential for your happiness and contentment, your own helpful and effective environment mentally and practically


  • Tendencies and preferences – are you in the right career, what sort of business do you run, the sector you work in and what you give and get from it (more than money – satisfaction, making a difference, feeling valued)

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