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Career Coaching

Career  management as an employee or self-employed freelancer/ business owner/ entrepreneur coaching helps you to FOCUS on what you need to be doing right now to achieve the GOALS you have set yourself.  The key components for developing your career – whatever that involves – are PURPOSE and DIRECTION.  It can help you to build CONFIDENCE and SELF-AWARENESS for influence and personal power, choice and creating opportunities to take you forward.

Your mind is a powerful tool!  Being able to understand it, learn to utilise it for your benefit and develop the right mind-set in any situation will give you a toolkit for life

Your mind manages all of you – consciously and unconsciously, personally and professionally, day in and year out.  It influences your relationships and all your opinions, your options and opportunities. You can’t be whole without both personal and professional development – it a human drive to keep on growing and learning!


You are your business brand and image, your business holding the same values as you do personally,  if you’re self-employed – it’s a part of you, born of you, your beliefs and experiences, your outlook and choices.

Employees & Managers

The company culture and brand image as an employee on the shop floor or manager or leadership team.  You have personal values and expectations, needs to be met and have to find a way your career does that for you.


  • Relationships at work, in business – colleagues, management, customers, stakeholders, peers, providers, marketers and contacts who can help you reach your goals.  Being assertive with your workload management, getting help from colleagues or resolving underlying issues that threaten the status quo or your situation at work, and your work-life balance.  From delegation to personal productivity your relationships matter


  • Communication skills – different again at home and work, perhaps, some more casual and comfortable than others where you need to have focus and purpose. Both need to be influential to make sure you can and do meet your needs  to get your message across and hear correctly the messages sent to you


  • Confidence for speaking up for yourself – sharing ideas in meeting, making connections at network events, public speaking or presenting your team outcomes are all necessary aspects of professional career, and for your happiness and contentment, to influence and explain, to create your own helpful and effective environment, mentally, emotionally and practically


  • Natural talents &  tendencies – understanding your NLP ‘preferences’, what you are good at, what comes naturally and how you can use it can all help you find your path and career direction, adding value, finding fulfilment, feeling in ‘flow’

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