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Personal Counselling



Counselling helps you to explore the anxieties and stress making you unhappy, distracting you from life and work, family and friends.

It helps you to make sense of what you are feeling, and why.  Perhaps childhood issues affecting you today, or traumatic events impacting how you live your life today.

Resolving these means you are removing barriers holding you back from being your happy, fulfilled self and living a life you love to live!

Talking things through with a trained counsellor – who will listen to what you need to say, to explain and feel heard and accepted, understood; they will guide you by reflecting back what they see (body language, behaviours) and hear from you (words, tone, voice changes) so that you can find out what is going on for you inside your mind and body.

Then you can look deeper,  at why this might be – the causes, reasons and this in turn allows you to consider your options going forward.


Counselling v Coaching:

Coaching is about moving your from where you are to where you want to be, rather than exploring why you might be stuck where you are, and the underlying reasons.

Taking you from stress to success

Counselling to resolve anxieties + Coaching for goals + NLP mind-management


Removing barriers, building dreams

Resolving problems, building teams

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