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Books to Read

2007-9: The 7 habits of highly effective peopleStephen Covey

An NLP (neurolinguistic programming) base for this book which is often used in management and business training as a reference and guide.  Offering tips and tools you can use to develop your skills, understanding and interactions with people it was a great book for me and how I ‘got into’ NLP.  Can be heavy and parts need re-reading at times, but all in all one that I pick up regularly and learn soething new or remind myself of things to use.  Love it!



Pre 2000: The road less followed- M. Scott Peck

A book recommended to me by my sister in Australia several years ago (probably about 12 years ago now!) and which I did enjoy.  Another one that piqued my interest further into psychology and the mind, and helped lead me to the work I do now in counselling and coaching perhaps … described as a book of ‘spiritual growth, love and ‘traditional values’ ‘(although I don’t remember that really),


2005: On becoming a personAbraham Maslow

This is a favourite and very influential book for me, or rather the theory behind it.  Something I use all the time in my work, the hierarchy of needs suggests we cannot move on until our basis needs are met and then upward to the peak where we achieve ‘self actualisation’.  Unlike some suggestions I believe we are all capable of self actualising and actually achieve this stage regularly in our lives, at least some people if not everyone; it is the feeling where things are ‘as they should be’ for you… flowing, contentment but actively progressing, feeling good and positive and things are moving in the direction you want.  Satisfaction … ongoing development … fulfilment … being who you are and how you want to be in essence.    Have you ever been there?  I have!  And I understand each stage having been there too.  Enjoy!


2003: Person Centred Counselling – Carl Rogers

This is my main reference and base for my person-centred practice in counselling, of course, as the proposer of his person centred approach i.e. working with the client and what they ‘present’ rather than directive like other therapies can be (CBT for example).

The basis is that people ‘are inherently good’ and want to continue to grow and develop regardless of the situation they are in at any time.  (See above for Maslow and his needs-led personal development/growth triangle…)


July 2011: How to sell with NLP

A recent read this one, whilst researching marketing techniques and barriers regarding the Market Place concept I started this year (2011) – what do people look for when buying and how can we reach them, provide them with the options available and tempt them to come along and meet us?   Again, NLP is about people, mind and behaviour and influences or filters we are unconsciously subject to every day …  An interesting read, and one I bought after coming across it by accident at Lees Library in the mini but useful business section.



August 201: How to sell

A very recent read, similar to the one above but general marketing and people concepts.  Not yet read and re-rad to take it in but seems useful enough.    This was a brief read – or reference – because it was much like the How to Sell with NLP but without the NLP and much like others.  Very concise and easy to read and reference though, so I would recommend it as a learning tool re sales and selling.



June 2011: Personal Impact

Love this book and again found at Lees and bought afterwards as it was a good reference book for me.   It is about image building, who you are and conscious efforts to create the image and character you want to be in business in particular.   Another branding book follows soon too …


September -October 2011:

Liquid Thinking:  To be read – now finished 20.9.11

Much like the things I have read in NLP around and time management, persistence and self belief but things I do understand and believe will work – the basis for life coaching generally, and probably sports or any other coaching.   It is more motivational than an exercise option, although again, exercises are there to complete.    If you like personal stories that inspire and motivate, you will enjoy the book(s), although this is generally not something I enjoy but chose the ones I read.  Enjoyable, worth reading and some tools to use.

Change Catalyst: Managing change  To be read

Survival guide to change: (What it says on the Front!) To be read


September 2011: Liquid Leadership (Damian Hughes, professional speaker, NLP)

Following an NLP seminar with Damian in September, I bought the books – all four of them!  This is the first one I finished (in two evenings, making notes and doing exercises – see the poem!)   Helps you to focus on effectively leading a business and team, or yourself if like me a sole trader.    Examples of real life people/public figures giving views, comments and descriptions of events that changed their lives…enjoyed it, covering a lot of NLP, motivational and psychology I am familiar with but the exercises were new to me and great to undertake.  I learned a lot more about me and my business goals ….

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