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From Stress to Success

Online 6-step e-mail course  

One new step into your inbox every day for six days for effective, ongoing stress reduction!

Leaving the last day of the week for you to embed your learning that you take forward for a happier, healthier life at home or at work!  

*Better manage stress to make it helpful and positive

*Banish harmful negative stress that leaves you anxious

*Learn to manage your Self and your environment 

Online Course from Udemy – coming soon!


 “From Stress to Success” Events ™      © 2018

A new service opportunity for your company’s employee wellbeing and employee assistance & support options in your organisation, brought to you with the From Stress to Success project events.

These events include:

Short Coaching Presentation

Providing your team with insights, tips and techniques initially to set the scene for understand the problems and finding solutions – and new ideas for managing/reducing stress and building greater personal resilience for a happier, healthier work-life balance.

Acknowledging that stress is a key and necessary part of life and living, the necessary drive to try and to achieve, to progress and keep moving forward and strive for more.   It will help people to maintain positive stress that drives v negative stress that overwhelms and damages health and development.   Using professional insights from counselling, coaching and NLP, and Psychology too, this becomes an invaluable toolkit going forward.

Treats & Treatments

In addition, we look at opportunities to manage and reduce the negative stress at optimum levels for drive and motivation including holistic therapies, fun things to do and socialising connecting with others, retreats and trips or wellbeing products and nutrition too.   The options are many and varied – and we bring these to your company, your employees and you for a convenient, helpful and interactive wellbeing programme that is affordable and accessible, sharing the costs between business & employees!

There are options to how you can experience and benefit from these regular events once you’ve had a ‘taste’ of them .

  1. On site in your company – showcase of stress management ideas and tips with 10 minute free taster sessions
  2. Paid events on a regular basis with 30-60 minute Stress Awareness & Management Tips presentation + 10-30 minute holistic sessions or therapeutic consultation*
  3. Use them on away days or open days, special events or as part of your company’s regular  wellbeing programme for a healthy, happy workforce!
  4. Public events may also be available for anyone to attend in central Manchester

*Share the cost of presentation paid by company and employees buy treatments from tasters to full sessions – maybe a regular wellbeing programme opportunity

From Clear Connections network contacts there is a choice of therapists or new options each time:

  1. Coaching – Counselling – NLP – as well as consultations with myself as Personal Development life coach and counsellor, other counsellors working different models
  2. Holistic therapies such as  Reflexology – Massage/Sports Massage – Reiki – Indian Head Massage
  3. Health and Nutrition -advice and products, wellbeing products and services and even sport sessions on site


NEXT EVENTS – see home page or Workshops/Events link for Manchester city centre and Saddleworth Oldham

Book on Eventbrite or call us now on 07765813827 to book events and free showcase events in Manchester


Other Employee Assistance & Support Services

  • Crisis telephone counselling for employees struggling ‘in the moment’ or coaching support and NLP mind-management tips
  • Face to Face sessions for coaching and counselling by arrangement and/or drop ins for wellbeing programmes
  • Skype or telephone support for both counselling or coaching/NLP
  • Tips and Tools with Clear Mind-Management Online – a resource site available by membership for your employees – for life and living
  • Workshops and online courses – public access or bespoke to your company need

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