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Career & Business

Manage your Career (employed or self-employed) with purpose and direction:

  • Be clear on how to achieve your professional goals:
  • Improve relations and influence with colleagues and customers
  • Awareness and understanding of business environments
  • Performance enhancement and greater benefits
  • Effective workload management tips and tools
  • Reducing stress and uncertainty with knowledge and personal power
  • Successful new promotions and developing team management skills

Removing Barriers, Building Dreams

Resolving Problems, Building Teams

Managers should be helping employees to grow, develop and enhance performance and productivity for personal and team success with:

  • Emotional Intelligence – enhances team management and rapport
  • Effective communication – with your team, your leaders, your customers
  • Leading your team –  focus on success, personal development, goals and supervision
  • Employee development and training should be part of the company ethos
  • Support and mediation for relationship problems – from you or other professionals
  • DiSC Profiling for recruitment & selection, mediation and professional development

Support for self-employed business owners – personal & professional development:

  • Self-awareness – tools and techniques to enhance your environment and options
  • Business Planning and Progression meet ups
  • Workshops to enhance your business sales and marketing
  • Customer Care & Sales with NLP
  • Developing your leadership confidence and skills
  • Stress Management Sessions for workplaces & crisis support by telephone

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