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Although your career often relates to being an employee, being self-employed is a career choice.

Running your own business for yourself or for someone else has it’s own personal development focus – you are your business, the brand or face of your business and you influence your team who help you run your business.

So it follows that business management in some respects also relates to your Personal Development.  How?


Image & Branding

Your personal image is part of your professional image if you run your own business especially.   They are inter-changeable, always a dual part of your whole self – never off duty!

You can relax but not let your guard down – as we see with celebrities, someone, somewhere is watching – and judging!

We each develop our own real image as perceived by others, the one that we project out to the world in the hope of being seen as who we want to be recognised as –  whilst keeping our own self-image closely guarded within perhaps.


Personal – Professional Branding

So you become your brand, you manage your image professionally lying on your personal values, beliefs, expectations and personal needs.  It becomes a part of you – your ‘baby’ or your self-image, not just he projected image you have to portray.

You are your brand if you are a sole trader, or service provider; as the MD or CEO you are always part of the business, and as such your personality can be managed once it is understood and acknowledged.  Together, you can more easily manage personal and professional development too.