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Coaching for Business

Removing Barriers, Building Dreams

Resolving Problems, Building Teams

Coaching for business people and business development …

Coaching Middle Management

New managers need to develop additional skills in managing people and resources as well as knowing the practical skills of the job and core business, ensuring team-build and continued productivity even during the settling in period that comes with change.  This period of forming & storming before performing is crucial and time-limited, so needs careful handling.  This level of management has to manage upwards and downwards – negotiate for their team, meet company goals and translate big picture plans to hands-on tasks that make things happen!

Coaching Individual Employees and Teams

Coaching isn’t just for leadership teams but for the individual too – to grow your career, to develop new skills, better understand yourself and others and enhance the team building at work.   Coaching is personal development and professional – people are one, not separate aspects and helpful insights, additional knowledge and self-awareness can help at home, work and socially to bring the whole person and their skills to the table.

Resolving Difficulties in Teams

Coaching ‘difficult’ employees or situations requiring mediation benefit from coaching rather than HR involvement (often too late in the problematic situation)) to ‘let them go’ – which should be a last resort after all the effort and cost of brining them on board!  If you brought them in to the company it must have been for a good reason and a business benefit – so what changed?  Coaching will help them and you to realise and understand barriers to effective management and productivity, and to find ways forward that meet everyone’s needs positively and effectively.

It can also help with getting people back in to work faster or after a long-term absence.

DISC Profiling

Profiling can seem like you are putting people in boxes but with DISC profiling you are assessing the present situation the person finds themselves in – and how to best fit them into your team and business roles, possibly with tweaks and nudges or resolving underlying issues that affect them and your business too.   This powerful tool is simple, quick and straightforward for the user and company, lending itself well to a coaching basis to get employees back on track or on your track where we match applicants to job descriptions!




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