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Career Management

Removing Barriers, Building Dreams

Resolving Problems, Building Teams

Career Development Coaching will help you to achieve your professional goals.

  • Success in applying for promotions,
  • Improving relations and influence with colleagues and customers,
  • Performance development with outcomes, stress management, managing workloads,

Resolving problems, Building teams

Managers helping employees to grow, develop and enhance performance and productivity for personal and team success.

  • Emotional Intelligence enhances team management and rapport
  • Effective communication with your team, your leaders, your customers
  • Leading your team and focus on success with coaching
  • Employee development and training
  • Support and mediation
  • DiSC Profiling for recruitment & selection, mediation and professional development

Helping self-employed business owners with personal & professional development:

  • Self-awareness – tools and techniques
  • Business Planning and Progression meet ups
  • Customer Care & Sales with NLP
  • Developing your leadership confidence and skills

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