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Coaching for Business & Career

Business Coaching

Coaching within a business your own or manage in relates to how you manage and develop your business and the people in it.

So how can Coaching help you run your business responsibilities more effectively?

  • Improve the emotional intelligence of yourself and/or your managers to better manage teams
  • Help your manage your employees from performance to return to work coaching sessions
  • Enhancing an employees performance on the job, in a new team or new to the company
  • Back to work coaching is more proactive than counselling to find and resolve underlying issues
  • Business planning and development of how the business is managed and run
  • Relationship Coaching to resolve conflict, change attitudes or improving the mind-set/expectations
  • Change management for individuals or teams

Career Coaching

Managing your career is important as you will spend many hours a week working so you should be enjoying it.  You want to meet your needs, feel valuable within the organisation and society, use your personal skills,  natural talents and tendencies, and do what interests you – all of which will make you, you.

  • Employee Performance Coaching
  • Supporting newly promoted managers with emotional intelligence to support & develop their team
  • Employee Performance Coaching
  • Back to work coaching – positive absence management
  • NLP tools and techniques for quick changes
  • Team building and development workshops
  • Managing behaviour and relationships in your workplace


Retirement Coaching

There is more to retirement than just money plans – what about your relationships, purpose and well-being living a happy, relaxed yet fulfilling life in retirement?  Avoiding boredom and maybe even depression and loneliness, the changes this transition and change will have on relationships, self image and opportunities?

A 3-12 month package from before your retirement date to a period after helps you re-adjust to this major life change