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Career Coaching

Are you spending the many hours each week frustrated and unhappy at work?

Are your relationships ruining your life, holding you back from trying and achieving?

Have you fully explored your potential, on your way to self-actualisation we all strive to achieve?

Career Coaching will help you to manage your career from CV to retirement.  Through various changes and developments, training and experience, options and choices you can feel happier, more in control and know that you are moving in the right direction – onwards and upwards!

With a coach you can discuss ideas and how to create opportunities, make informed choices about your options, effective decisions about your future and develop new skills/find new tools and techniques to enhance who you are and expand what you can offer

Know what  your ‘personal preferences’ are and how to best use them; what natural skills and tendencies could you develop to feel more fulfilled? Have you yet discovered your life purpose, the work-life balance you crave and the level that you aspire to at work or in life?

If not, then coaching is for you!  Learn about you, realise your options, create new opportunities and take positive, daily steps towards living your dream – a life you like to live and work you love to do!  Create your most productive and effective environment anytime, anywhere!  Utilise your knowledge, skills and experience to help yourself and other people!

  • Middle management support and development – newly promoted, performance enhancement
  • Personal and professional development
  • Manage change and transitions easily
  • Improve communication and understanding of yourself and others
  • NLP quick change tools and techniques to change your mind-set and behaviours

Retirement Coaching

There is more to retirement than just money plans – what about your relationships, purpose and well-being living a happy, relaxed yet fulfilling life in retirement?  Avoiding boredom and maybe even depression and loneliness, the changes this transition and change will have on relationships, self image and opportunities?

A 3-12 month package from before your retirement date to a period after helps you re-adjust to this major life change