Self-awareness – Key to Happiness

Who are youThe benefits of self awareness are that knowing where you came from (beliefs, influences, options and choices, values, communities, expectations and needs) are what make you you, and what make you choose the way you do and end up where you are!

Hard to hear?  Hard to hear yourself and be yourself, flaws, mistakes and all?

So far, so good then!

Once you accept that and understand it, then and only then can you …move forward to where you want to be, to be who you want to be!

Yes, it’s difficult to take all that responsibility, it’s difficult to face it, accept it and acknowledge that …You made mistakes! Wow!  But who hasn’t?

You didn’t get it right that time…but next time it will at least be better!

You learned so much with each step – mistake or achievement!

You can do it again, and again, and again!  And still keep going – again.  Can’t you?

Well, underneath all those layers, all those fears, all those moments

Is, well, YOU!

The real you, the worthy you, the likable you and the loved you.

The person you want to be – the person you can choose to be!  If you’re brave enough, and ready for it!