Self Awareness & Change

How does self awareness affect change if it is so important to the development process of people and animals?

Well, at a profound level, what about evolution of the species (Darwin’s Origin of the Species) – those animals that realise what they have particularly and use it to best effect for them are the ones who survive to procreate their natural benefits to their offspring and onwards – and upwards!

Your future Stuart Miles

A giraffe with the longest neck gets the tree top leaves no other of it’s species can reach, and so has no competition (from its own species) and survives where others might not.   He goes on to share those long neck genes and the species gets stronger too.

So anything we learn about ourselves we should add to our power house of skills, talents, preferences (NLP), experiences and knowledge that will help us to move onward and upwards (by upwards I mean the career ladder or Maslow’s hierarchy of needs etc which always go up!)

And that learning only comes from going out and trying new things, meeting new people, listening to new ideas.

So like what might we learn about ourselves and use to best advantage – to change our environment to meet our personal needs and our strengths?
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Pictures by Stuart Miles

Well, maybe you are empathic and that changes how you relate to others, so you use that because you care and understand people – and they like you because you care and understand.  That improves relationships naturally.   And you can also learn how to become more empathic (emotional intelligence) if it hasn’t come naturally.

And why does it or anything appear in some more than others is a question to ponder too for each and every aspect of a person, which can help you

(a) find it and learn it

(b) better understand others and their experiences, and how that influences them (and be default yourself if you think about it).

This is how you use your talents – like empathy, artistic flair, head for figures etc. or your personal preferences like visual learning (draw pictures, ask for diagrams in lessons), or new skills, adapting them to meet your needs (pragmatic learning so you read the theory or lesson handouts, then try it for yourself).

The more you know about you, the more personal power you wield in your life.  The less you know, the fewer options are available to you, and if you don’t know about something you don’t know how it could benefit you or how you can change it to use it!

Self jigsaw stuart miles

I know this now in my own life – if I had known some things earlier, been taught or learned them, looked for them – then some things might have happened sooner for me, or changed direction or somehow been better at times than it has been.   If I only knew then what I know now applies, but it’s never too late.

What about you? What could you have known that would have changed some bad times for you, or enhanced the good ones?