Seasons Greetings! Seasons, Reasons, Meaning

Have you heard the saying that people come in to your life for a season, a reason or a meaning?   I often wonder on this when I meet someone new, who impacts me positively or negatively.  It makes me appreciate people and events more, experiences are more important and those ‘moments’ that stay with you forever!   Those ‘moments’ are so important for me – when you get a ‘peak experience’ and it remains with you as a memory but a stirring inside too.  I love them!

This was a ‘moment’ for myself and my daughter – just a moment she ran into the sea and kicked in happiness, freedom and fun!   It was a moment I caught on camera and have treasured because of the memory, the striking impact it had on us both and now, I use it to demonstrate what it feels like when you  ‘live your dream’!


Have you had any this Christmas maybe?  A moment that stood still for you with family or friends around you at Christmas, the first taste of your turkey, the first step of a child, or the first kiss maybe?   There are good moments and unhappy ones too, but they all impact on us and make us who we are.  Moments change us.  And moments are made by people, with people.  Whether or not that is a thought – a light bulb moment maybe that you ‘just realised’ or ‘recognised’ from a previous time or event spent with someone else…

Think back, remember it, savour it, work through it if you have to.   Make it meaningful and impactful for you – for your future!  See it, feel it, learn from it and use it for motivation, defence or recognition.  That’s what moments are for …

Enjoy each and every moment you have in your life, every minute, hour or day.  It means something, the people mean something, and you have choices to make around all of that.  Remember that – you have a choice!

Take care, have fun, be happy!

Make moments in future too, all of 2017!  Love them, cherish them, enjoy and thrill from them!