Reviewing your 30 day Challenge for Change!

Every coaching process needs a review built in and this is it for yours this month!

Monthly assessments help you to

  • Stay on track
  • Celebrate achievements
  • Set new goals
  • Tack with prevailing circumstances
  • Manage your environment – mind, feeling, behaviours, people, places, ideas and more!

Your monthly review on the change process to  a new, improved environment for you to live and work in helps with improving your life and your Self .  It’s all part of the process.  It may even have also improved the life of someone else too and made their lives easier or better in some way!  The ripples move outwards from you to others, and beyond them still further!

  • Recognise the motivation you found (to use it in future!)
  • Realise the impact and opportunities this brought you
  • Acknowledge your efforts and achievements in this, no matter how big or small
  • Celebrate any successes in your feelings, thoughts and behaviours – the benefits you are already seeing!

The last step is to keep it up!

Your 30 days efforts have paid off and you will hopefully see this now.  But there is always a next step forward to a life you love!

The next step is to ask yourself:

“What else can I improve going forward in my life?”

and maybe try something in your personal life this month!

Try a 12 month review on this challenge.  Diary it in!

And you can also check back a year and see what’s changed and how, and the impact/improvements there have been!

In 12 months you will have made:

12 changes (monthly)
52 new steps to use and repeat going forward (weekly)
365 improvements to your life (daily efforts and thoughts)
2080 new pathways in your brain to a new you (hourly considerations)
Influenced millions of perceptions you make each minute of your life!
Enhanced your opportunities by … who knows how many?
Realised more options you never knew you had!