Relationship Goals for 2018

What are your goals for 2018 around your relationships?

Current relationships that need more attention or help, or new relationships you want to have this coming year.

Either way, you can set goals such as:

  • I want to meet someone I can go out socialising with – ask the people I know now
  • I want to meet new people I can date and maybe meet the love of my life – where to go?
  • I need to spend more quality time with … (because) – an hour a week on …
  • I want to get out more and meet new people, go to new places – 1 per month

Goals have to be specific and measurable – hence the type and timescale reference, and also achievable and realistic (so it’s OK to be ‘vague’ on the perhaps the love of my life or you might settle for less just so your mind achieves the goal!  Take care on that one), and of course targeted:

  • Monthly or weekly
  • Every Thursday
  • 25th April 2018

Look at your options

The people you know now

The sort of people you want to get to know more

The places you can visit to meet them

The things you can do with them

Don’t forget the most important relationship in your life – with yourself! 

Make those improvements too:

  • Be more gentle with my expectations of myself and what I realistically can achieve
  • Be honest about the barriers and problems that need resolving
  • Be open with others and get feedback, reflect with others on me and my life
  • Is it emotional overload or worries, or feeling out of control emotionally?
  • Is it your mind-set that needs to change? How?
  • Is it different behaviours and habits you can change – bad for good, small at first then embedded in your day to day Self and actions