Reinventing yourself – how and why?

Life events can change us – or rather, focus us on re-evaluating our life, our attitudes, beliefs and expectations amongst other aspects of our ‘self’.

And we do ‘reinvent’ ourselves often – a change of job or company, marriage and family, divorce is a huge reinvention, redundancy and retirement.

When we move and transition from one life stage to a new one, we have to change and adapt to a new environment, new people and new options.  Some we lose but some we gain too remember!

Time for change clock Vuono

That is the whole point of transitioning – to gain something better!   I know all too well on this having done it – or still doing it to some extent as it isn’t a quick change-over but a process of change and development.

From home to nursery, nursery to primary, primary to secondary, to college and uni or work, then job to job, different companies and even sectors perhaps, and relationships – these are all transitions for us but we perhaps don’t recognise them as such – nor the opportunities they present for us!

Opportunities.  Sounds great positive, upbeat and helpful.  But oh, so scary!

The empty nest syndrome is another one – who are you as a parent when your child leaves home?  They become an adult – someone new and unfamiliar to you.   Your home is quieter (and cleaner!) than usual, you don’t have pressures you once resented or struggled with.  But for you, being ‘left behind’ whilst they journey excitingly into the unknown – they can’t wait to ‘reinvent’ themselves!  You on the other hand, have to learn to.

I did this for two years before my youngest left for uni.  Although she didn’t stay, my change process continued but was simply displaced for a time – and eventually the transition was complete and I left the UK for a year’s solo backpacking round the world to live my own dream of travelling!   I did it and so can you!   Becoming ‘someone new’ is what we have to do, how we are made and how as homo sapiens we ‘rule the world’ because of our adaptability and willingness to learn and try new things!  Yes, you too!

Self reflection (mine)Reinvention – that’s a word to consider.   It conjures images of spies on films who have two lives, reinvent themselves in each new scenario and situation, with different people involved in their escapades!   We too do that.  We have ‘uniforms’ and ‘masks’, a different set of behaviours and attitudes for different parts of our lives (and did you realise that?  We have different parts of our lives already – and have changed steadily over the years …) – for work, home, the gym, sports, friends, family, colleagues, meetings, social events and more!

So reinvention, transition and change are not unfamiliar as we first feel they are – uncertain, losing control, confusion, overwhelm and too many things impacted by change that we panic and stress on it!

If you had the chance, how would you want to reinvent yourself?

If such a change or transition period is coming up for you – how will you want it to end, the outcome you want to have?   Start at the end and work backwards…

For help with transitions and reinvention – image, branding, business, retirement or life events like relationships changes – coaching helps by focus on the goal (outcome) and the necessary steps to get there and how you can manage those steps to achieve your (new) dream!  Call now on 07765813827 or email for more information to