Reasons people come for Coaching

Coaching is the process – and a flexible process that can be adapted to help change happen in any area you choose or need to move forward in your life.

That could be practical, emotional, psychological, professionally or personally, medically or wishing, hoping and dreaming that something could or should be different – will be different.

Loving the work you do means happier as we spend a lot of time ‘working on it’

Career Coaching helps with considering and managing – developing – your career choices, progress, goals and the journey to get to the top or wherever you choose to go – the path, direction, ladders to climb, and changes or developments that you need to manage well on the way and stay on track.

  • Changing Career Direction         
  • Career Performance Improvement
  • Finding the right career for them
  • Setting goals, Motivation, Inspiration
  • Managing a new Team
  • Promotion and Progression
  • Work / life balance – Time management
  • Stress reduction / improving well-being

How you can meet your needs once you recognise them

Life Coaching helps with your Personal Development through greater self-awareness, understanding and tolerance in diversity and equality too.

  • Personal Performance Enhancement
  • Relationship Management
  • Finding yourself
  • Exploring Opportunities
  • Travel or House Moves
  • Cultural Changes
  • Exploring religion, culture, values
  • Insights & Self-Awareness
  • Improving health and fitness
  • Improving health and fitness

Removing doubt, uncertainty and anxiety releases your potential and increases opportunities 

Therapeutic Coaching focuses on the emotional barriers and problems that can hold you back from happiness and achievement, from reaching your full potential..

  • Therapeutic Coaching to solve a problem
  • Self-Confidence Building
  • Improve Communication Skills
  • Removing Emotional Barriers
  • Resolving long term anxieties
  • Managing Stress

Coaching for business – support & develop the person who runs and leads the business for success & growth

Business Coaching is more about the business than the person, but building the person’s performance and understanding will inevitably enhance the business performance and development too!  Coaching for Business can help you find your direction, niche your customers,

  • Business Development – sales and marketing focus
  • Business Management – support, process, procedures, staff
  • Public Speaking Confidence
  • Niching a Business customer
  • Problem Solving/Trouble Shooting
  • Transitions – redundancy, retirement