Project Managing …Your Life!

This Project Management post from Taco at Trello that dropped in my inbox today says it all – and reading it, I was struck by the similarities to coaching – something I’ve explained coaching as before is ‘project managing your life’ – the objective is to achieve the outcomes you want!

Using the same headings I mirror them to coaching for Career Coaching – Employed people, Coaching Business owners and for living your Life!


Not having a clearly defined project

This is a key reason to have a life coach – career, business or other focus too – to clarify what you want to achieve, and where you are therefore heading in your life, your career, your business …

Purpose – what are you working for?   Your social purpose, the reason you chose this focus rather than another.  What is your story?

Failing to get stakeholder buy-in

Stakeholder buy-in is everyone around you!

LIFESTYLE: Your family and friends – do they buy in to what you want to achieve, what you do in your life?  Not always!  Mine don’t ‘get it’ or ‘get me’ at all.  It could be your social group – sports team, your local community.

EMPLOYMENT: Your colleagues – team members, managers, other departments – the reason the company exists match your values and objectives?

BUSINESS:  This might be other companies maybe you network with, the same industry sector, those you meet at events and training perhaps.  Do they know who you are/what you offer and how?

Your customers of course – do they know what you can really do for them or just vague terms that they don’t really understand even if you know what they mean!

Scope Creep

Coaching keeps you on track to your dream, your goals!  Your coach will identify where you are wandering off, expanding too quickly or in the wrong direction maybe.   It can be exciting when it takes off but you can lose sight of where you were heading and what your goal actually was with the twists and turns you take along the way, the obstacles your encounter and have to pivot around.

Just like the cost implications of the project expanding beyond the means – money, time, capacity, skills etc. – your ‘project’ can do the same!  Help is at hand with your coach, the process and the monitoring.

Lack of regular Communication

For coaching in your life or career, read ‘check in’ and ‘monitoring’ your progress.  Letting people know where you are up to

EMPLOYMENT: Your boss needs to know the progress report for sure, he will pass to his superior and the board eventually;  your customers whether internal (another team you support or work alongside), the external customers your work impacts on – maybe via another team or process.

BUISNESS: Your coach, your customers, your team of self employed printers or the sales and marketing teams you employ!  Keep them up to date, tell them the change of focus, explain the developments and achievements to date – keep them on board with your company objectives!

LIFE: Your career coach is your project overview, you the project leader and the project team often!   If you do have a team around you – and in business that could be your printer, your VA, your website manager and more – do they know where your mind is up to, your plans and how they are developing?  Are they keeping up with your ideas in the area they focus on for you?

Not being flexible

This is one point that people don’t like about coaching – the belief that it is too restrictive, too focussed and not flexible once you set your goals!

But it is very flexible, you have to be very adaptable along the path to achievement! You will hit problems – obstacles, as I say, you need to pivot around, people who don’t buy in to your dream, resources you thought you could get but can’t (training, support, team members).

EMPLOYMENT: Your boss doesn’t agree with your fantastic idea!  But you KNOW it will work and work well, but no, they don’t see it, it’s a gamble and their boss won’t agree to the terms anyway.

Solution: Manage upwards!  Prep the plan, draft the outline and foresee the outcomes and objectives and present it as a fait accompli almost!  You can see the process, the team, the objectives and the path forward – now you have to SHOW the others!

BUSINESS: You know your services will help people but they don’t see it – don’t relate it to themselves even though you can see it for them!   Why won’t they take what’s on offer and help themselves be better?

Solution:  Keep pushing, but from a new perspective; show them the benefits face to face not online; answer the questions they might ask in a networking setting even before they ask them.  Provide services in a different way – flex with the needs of the people who could buy from you!

LIFE: Staying in a job you hate; not moving to that new country you so want to try; taking that holiday to the same place again in case you don’t like the new places you could try!

Solution:  Who knows until you do try?  DO something new, do things differently, flex and adapt, try and explore!  But don’t stay just because ‘you always have done it like that’ …life is for living!

Are you failing to preparing and so preparing to fail?  Do you have a supportive team around you, motivating you on, inspiring change and growth?  If not, why not?  Now – how to get them!