Practicing what you preach

This is for me!    I have this week had to practice what I preach in coaching and counselling!   It’s reminded me that I too have to live by what I believe in coaching and counselling – that I can bounce back, that depression can catch me too, and that anxiety and stress come with the territory – of life and living!

Change ahead by mrpuen


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Moving house – what is more stressful?  Some things, yes, but this is difficult.  Why?  Because we deal with people, with ‘sides’ and decision making, choices and negotiations and professional restrictions too.

All of which are stressors on their own!

My daughter is buying a house and finding it not so easy to get what you want, make things happen in a timely manner or trust people who should be trustworthy (i.e. everyone in my mind!)


Still, people rallied round to help me and themselves, but all the same help is welcome!   I did overcome the desire to ‘give in’ and stop right here and not have to fight on for what I want and need.

But I slept on it (and I did sleep amazingly!) and found in the morning – “the cold light of day” – that it was manageable, changeable, and choices could be made (albeit that they were not my preferred choices as is often the case for us).

So, I buckled down to think about options; to take steps to make it right, in a logical plan of action by contacting people and getting information together.    It will right itself (my horoscope earlier this week said so!) and it will work out.  I have come to terms with a certain loss, made the choice and will work on letting it go (yes, frustration, feeling bested etc).


But at the end of the day – or rather in 3 months time, or a year, or five …will it matter?  Probably not but only if all goes on now!   Then it will matter.  And I am happy to accept that.   Sometimes in life we know things matter – “don’t sweat the small stuff” is fine, but only if it’s ‘small’ to you too!

So smile, take charge, make choices, make things happen!  Here we go again …