Planning Forward too

Here is a template you can use to plan your goals for 2015.

My goals for 2015 template

  1. I have included the life areas that you might want to work on which is a starting point
  2. Then giving you six goals to set, one for each life area I’ve shown
  3. SMART explained so that you can make them precise
  4. Make them concise but short enough to repeat to yourself daily – aloud!
  5. Create a picture around the goal – a vision in your mind – of what you will look like, your surroundings, other people, events and specific rewards that prove you made it!

Envision your goal: Some people are naturally visual and ‘see’ pictures in their head of events that have or could happen; others are visionauditory – so maybe use music as your background for this – songs that have meaning and pictures to go with them and feelings you associate with them; or kineasthetic – what will it feel like when you get there, when you walk into a room or out on a stage?  What do you see before you?

Rewards/Acknowledging acheivements: I had a client once who was re-creating himself from a shy, retiring and introverted person into a life loving, social and considerate person he really was.  He overcame his background, his confusion over culture and beliefs, he pushed his boundaries and challenged himself (and me!) on many aspects of himself.

And he did it!   His reward was going to be a new car he always wanted but perhaps didn’t feel he deserved or was capable of getting.  But when he got it, as we were ending our work together, he asked me to go outside and see it with him.  He was so proud, he used that as his acknoweldgment to the world and himself that he had achieved his goal of becoming making the effort to create the life he wanted.

Plan and realityGoal setting: You may have more than one goal for an area of life, or just one area you have yet to develop or one to start with!  Use the template for each life aspect if like, or just as a reference for your own planner.

Remember to add this to your Journal of the journey you are about to make – whatever form that takes for you!   A box of reminders, a scribble book, a vision board etc.   It can even be all and more too!