Planning forward

At this time of year, yes we plan ahead for the new year.  But what about next Christmas?!   I have a system now of when I buy my new diary for the coming year of adding in not only the usual birthdays, and now in business networking events and specific special days, but also what went well and what didn’t.

Diary plans

Don’t mistake my diary for a journal, where I record my thoughts and feelings as a way to get them out of my system and commit them to the world (should anyone find them and read them…) but a way to record how I want my life to be next year and beyond.  Things I need to avoid or remember.  Small things that will, next year, make my life happier and easier, whilst I will then have forgotten the pain and the pleasure perhaps (like child-birth as they say!)

Sometimes, we can remember the feelings but not the actual ‘feeling’ of pain or pleasure – that is just the ‘outcome’ (good, bad) of the emotions, the physical feelings and the thoughts and behaviours around the event that made it what it was.

Focus on success Danilo Rizzuti

This has worked, whilst other times I ignored my own advice and found I should have listened!   So really, that’s what my notes in 2015’s diary will be – my own advice from personal experience that I want to share with myself for next year to make it better – for me!

Little things like buy the real tree but now I know I should water it (apparently, if you get a newly cut tree and put in in a special container and keep it watered, the needles don’t fall!) – or don’t get that tree at all if only I decorate it, see it and remove it too and I don’t want to; I have found a new little shop locally I discovered that will serve me well for future gifts and ideas in 2015; which sales are better than others and what people might want next year e.g. hobbies, interests, unaffordable items I had never thought of for them!  The presents I gave that were not wanted, the presents I gave that others would also have liked (mental – or in this case a physical note for next year!)

Ask for what you want ...

This forward planning is easy because it’s current for me now, so it saves on the planning, organising and thinking for next year – and I will be better prepared.

I actually do this throughout the year and at the end of the diary or in the notes, make notes for next year!   Too much?  It doesn’t stop the spontaneity of gift buying, nor of taking each day as it comes, but it does reduce the pressure of remembering a whole year ago and the problems and fun things I could do now.  transform old patterns

Like this one, this minute as I’m writing !  I have just accidentally pressed the Ctrl + 1 key and made my paragraph Heading 1 which I didn’t know I could do.  This will actually be a mental note not physical, but this is learning and helpful tips I can pick up all year long!

I hope you do too.  Be happy and stress free all year long!

“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”

(yes, my daughters hate it too) …but maybe that’s because they miss out on things for simply not being organised and diary’ing in reminders, and hence learning from experience!