Personality profiling for Personal Development

Personality is how you are – think, believe, behave and preferences like your environment, learning styles and temperament.  Also, how others ‘see you’ perhaps.  So many judgements!

Living your life is generally easier and more rewarding/ fulfilling i.e. less stressful when you live to your strengths and tendencies, your (NLP) ‘preferences’.  It allows you to go with and feel in the ‘flow’ of your life.  Not fate, because we have choice and opportunities, but becoming who you naturally are.

Allowing our compatibility to show through in an environment will help you to see if you fit in, what isn’t working and why, and the choices for change that come with this knowledge, with ‘self-awareness’ (and ultimate ‘personal power’ in your life!).

Water has a natural flow to the oceans, and the sea has tides – emotions spiritually relate to water, ebbing and flowing. So we can equate the option to be swimming upstream rather than going with the natural flow of your life – downstream.

We are all unique and complex people, individuals influenced and affected by both nature (talents, preferences, tendencies, strengths) and nurture (experiences, relationships, reflection and feedback from the people around us).

Have you ever wondered how your personality type may be affecting your personal development?

Why does one approach work better for some people than for others?

Personal development expects changes in your behaviour resulting from knowledge and information and the choice to make the changes you want to make in your life (your Self).

To stop doing some things and start doing others – new, better habits that come naturally and aren’t strained or false.  There may be thought or action changes required for your to live a life you love to live!

It may be actions you take or how you think about things.

The key to successful personal development is to better understand yourself and your ‘personality’ traits and reasons, which helps you to achieve the goals you have in mind for yourself and your life and find the success – whatever that means for you.

What aspects of your ‘personality’ can you learn about?

Strengths that come naturally to you like organisation, conversation, people skills or a flair for business entrepreneurship

Areas you can develop further  – you might have talents you can develop more like creativity, analysing data or seeing patterns, and using these in the right career or helpful in designing processes (I can’t use the word ‘weaknesses’!)

How to effectively use what tendencies you have in which situations e.g. sales and marketing – confidence and influence for example or counselling and coaching might use empathy and emotional intelligence more than say, a dairy farmer

Preferences like learning or communication styles, time management and your strategies for any and all your behaviours (NLP)

Skills ant talents you can develop more with training, experience or mentoring – or identify with coaching


Personality profile options

Personality profiling often doesn’t account for historical experiences negatively influencing you but can identify when they are affecting your performance and/or attitude.

DiSC profiling, for example, can show you that an employee isn’t performing well in a cramped’ graph result from answering the questionnaire – but what is underlying this unusual or changed behaviour?  Following up with a couple of coaching sessions will help them identify what is happening and you, as their employer, to put things in place to support their improvements in attitude or demeanour, in helping them resolve personal ‘stuff’ that holds them back right now.  Contact me if you want more information or to use this helpful, insightful profile too or more information on the website.

Belbin’s team profiling method helps leaders to create effective teams that take account of all the necessary components by employing the right people in the right roles, to make up an effective team in any area of the business.  These tests are available online or through Clear Mind for a very reasonable charge – and again, along with coaching can help you to develop an influential productive team to take business forward, or weed out the weaknesses that need to be addressed and people moved possibly to another part of the service!  More information on the website

Even free personality online tests like this one from the 16 personalities” website can give you insights into who you are – agree or disagree, at least you are reflecting on your skills, tendencies and attitude to situations and this can only be good.  You don’t have to change at all, but it is always helpful to get feedback isn’t it?

Another option might be 360o    Assessment for yourself.  This involves asking people their opinion of you!  Scary but impactful and helpful and it isn’t always as negative as you might expect it to be!   It takes the views of honest people around you answering the same series of questions (options online at Business Balls) or your own making (although this can skew the results if you tend towards a certain way of thinking and feeling, and wanting the ‘right’ responses so take care!)  From family members, employees or subordinates if you’re a manager, your manager and peers, socially and professionally as well as personally, and any other group of people you might conceivably be ‘different’ around.  This gives you a great personal insight and food for personal development too.   I have done this 2 or 3 times, once formally and still have the report which was very useful, and personally during my counselling training for information too!


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